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We do not Sell Threads, we Change Lives
Xcelens red logo Xline logo Xline is a Swiss brand of Aesthetic Lifting Threads, known as PDO threads or P(LA/CL) threads for all thread lifting Techniques and indications. We developed Xline to the most state of the art lifting threads, applying Swiss Excellence standards, inspired by ancient Egyptian beauty metrics.
We aim at elevating our customers (Doctors/Patients) inside and out. Being able to
enhance quality of life, sense of well being, and personal fulfillment.
To develop the most advanced, strongest Threads in the world.
To save our doctors time and effort by invent more convenient techniques with the most Safe, Immediate, Remarkable Results.
Comprehensive Thread lifting Training & Knowledge transfer.
Wide Variety of Threads
Pdo thread PDO Polydioxanone known as PDO absorbable threads that stimulate Type II & III collagen production, enhancing skin re-generation.
And lifting up the flabby skin through mechanical traction of barbed types.
Placl thread P(LA/CL) Poly (L-Lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) ( PLACL) is the Ideal product overcomes weakness of PLLA and PCL.
They are known for the long-lasting duration that may last up to 2-3 years.
Why Xline Threads? Xline logo
1 The most state of art: Xline is The most developed threads with innovative techniques to achieve strong lifting with easier procedure. 2 Variety: Xline threads offers wide range of threads developed specifically to fit for each single indication anatomy, and with different polymers. 3 Safe: Xline is the most safe lifting threads of 100% pure absorbable polymer degradable into H2O and C in the human body. 4 Strength & Long duration: Xline threads offers you the highest tensile strength and elasticity of PDO & also the long duration Results of P(LA/CL). 5 World Leader: Xline used for more than 1.2️ million threads over 36+ countries for 150,000 satisfied patient. 6 Value VS Cost: Xline threads is the highest quality with swiss excellence standards offering the best cost and results for your patients. 7 Training: Xline threads provide comprehensive knowledge transfer through continuous hands on training and workshops everywhere. 8 Support: Xline doctors get the best support before, during and after. Xline with you all along the way to a satisfied patient. 9 Swiss Brand: Xline threads is a Swiss Brand by Xcelens.ch multinational company, The Aesthetics world leader.