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hyaluronic acid
Xcelens International is proud to present the innovative ultrasonic nanotechnology applied to dermocosmetics that will allow an "instantaneous" delivery of the active ingredients without the use of needles or compressed air syringes, the "ULTRHA•X TECHNOLOGY".
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Double molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid acts both deeply and superficially;
the ultra-fragmented one is ultra-fast received and provides immediate and amazing effects.
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All the line products do not require specific tools to be applied, they can be used as standard home-care creams. Amazing innovative results obtained with no injections, needles or usual application techniques. These products are entirely studied and tested in our laboratories.
The use of hyaluronic acid fragments together with the usual macromolecular hyaluronic acid present with different molecular weights, performs a double anti-inflammatory and anti-aging action, being the inflammation one of the major causes of skin aging; in this way we will have different benefits such as reduction of redness, increased elasticity and turgor, deep hydration and faster re-epithelialization processes. Hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight has a better surface distribution than high weight acid, which is however important in the stimulation of the dermis and hypodermis layers; for this reason, applying ultrasonic technology to shake the molecules, the intermolecular actions are broken, obtaining an ultra-fragmented derivative with a strong active power that will be distributed better and faster than other dermocosmetics, thus reinforcing the whole dermal structure. Ultra-fragmented and ultrasonic hyaluronic acid is used in all products of the Xcelens line.
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In this super innovative eye contour, the ultrasonic hyaluronic acid mix is highlighted along with the specific peptides designed to induce a "Botox Like" action on the release of acetylcholine, for sensational and immediately visible results, due also to the thinness of the skin in the periorbital area, which will allow the active ingredients an even faster delivery.
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Acetylxapeptide -8 (Argilreline), accumulating in the skin after days of constant use, begins to reduce the communication between nerves and mimic muscles that relax by reducing the visibility of expression lines (Botox Like Action).
Pentapeptide -18 reduces the depth of wrinkles caused by muscle contraction of facial expressions, inhibiting the release of neurotransmitters.
The Acetyl Tetrapeptide -5 is a well-known humectant (hygroscopic substances that maintain moisture on the surface of the skin avoiding dehydration) which reduces swelling and therefore bags under the eyes, improving general elasticity and smoothness: it is inhibitor of the 'ACE (ANGIOTENSIN CONVERTING ENZYME) being able to improve lymphatic drainage.
Acetyl Octapeptide -3 inhibits SNARE COMPLEX receptors, a protein system that activates the release of acetylcholine from intraneuronal vesicles.
From the reported results (confirmed both in vitro and in vivo) in the tomographic analysis picture taken on a rough area, a maximum reduction of the wrinkle depth of about 67% was shown within 30 days.
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Ultra ShineC serum is a highly innovative derivative that combines the super moisturizing and stimulating qualities of ultra-high-saturated hyaluronic acid with vitamin C (30%). It is treated in such a way as to be "protected" from oxidation, being stabilized in a particular lipophilic form which allows the preparation to be absorbed rapidly and to make the skin luminous and smooth with an antiaging action to protect against free radicals and to repair cells , also due to the stimulation of endogenous collagen.
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In this innovative facial serum is used, in addition to ultrananosonic HA, a mixture of nanoencapsulated biotechnological growth factors: the Biomimetics nanopeptides. These substances synthesized in the Xcelens laboratories are oligopeptides that reproduce the action of natural proteins reproducing their behavior and for this reason they are perfectly tolerated by the skin; they are real cellular inductors, which modulate cellular activity interacting directly with specific membrane receptors, a trend already pursued in other ways by regenerative medicine, such as the long-term treatments used for platelet- rich plasma (PRP) and lipofilling, both autologous products because taken from the patient himself and for this reason their activity is influenced by many inter-individual factors.
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Biomimetic oligopeptides are short amino acid sequences with a structure similar to the active part of natural proteins, which enter the cells modifying their behavior both by regulating the ion channels responsible for membrane flows and by activating the production of molecules. In "UltrHA Face serum" this special blend will quickly improve expression wrinkles and skin firmness, increasing turgor and elasticity.
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