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Les nombreuses etudes chimico-physiques realisees sur la reticulation ont abouti a la synthese de toute l'experience acquise a ce jour, c'est-a-dire la creation et le developpement d'un produit genial qui reunit en une solution unique toutes les qualites que le personnel medical et les patients souhaitent: la securite, l'aspect naturel, la duree et le confort du traitement. C'est pour cette raison que Genyal Polyvalent, le filler polyvalent adapte a tous les types de corrections estetiques, a ete mis au point.
Genyal Polyvalent
  • treats all types of superficial and medium-depth wrinkles
  • remodels the lip contours and increases lip volume
Special Features
The latest advances in the field have shown that polyvalent fillers are, currently, the best possible upgrade but Genyal’s special features make it a unique product:
  • non-animal origin: sodium hyaluronate synthesised by bio-fermentation
  • ultra high molecular weight product (3 million Daltons): this characteristic, together with cross-linkage, allows us to increase the resistance to degradation by hyaluronidases to a maximum and thus maximise the duration of the product in the tissue
  • cross-linking with butanediol diglycidyl ether (BDDE), the cross-linking agent universally recognised as the least toxic of all, which ensures that the risk of allergies is minimal
  • single-phase formula: all the products in the Genyal range are single-phase and therefore contain no particles, which ensures the homoegeneity of the gel
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