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The experience and reliability already internationally recognized of research and development swiss team Xcelens is proud to introduce an innovative filler that combines an excellent performance and results absolutely "No pain".
Xcelens Extra 3 and Extra 4 are formulated with a concentration of 23mg/ml of hyaluronic acid crossed-linked with a lowest certified BDDE level on the market and with a percentage of lidocaine at 0.3%.
Extra 3 and Extra 4 combine the safety of highly purified hyaluronic acid and cross-linked with BDDE to the high comfort of lidocaine contained therein.
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The most of the fillers present on the market usually get cross-linking so-called "skein structure", instead the Xcelens range is made of highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a cross-linking so-called "mesh", Xcelens Extra 3 and Extra 4 have respectively 3 and 4 hyaluronic acid chains of different lengths in addition to "free" hyaluronic acid present into the innovative Gel Xcelens.
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Content 1ML Concentration HA 23MG/ML Reticulating Agent BDDE Degree of crosslinking Dynamic Viscosity until 450.000 mPas Needles 2 X 27G Lidocaine 0,3% TREATMENTS: fine lines, superficial wrinkles, glabellar lines, perioral wrinkles, crow's feet,labial commissure, moderate corrections to the nasolabial folds and lip contour.
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Content 1ML Concentration HA 23MG/ML Reticulating Agent BDDE Degree of crosslinking Dynamic Viscosity until 1.950.000 mPas Needles 2 X 27G Lidocaine 0,3% TREATMENTS: deep wrinkles and lines, jaw contour, chin and cheeks area, nasolabial folds, treatment of depressions, increase of lip volume and contour.
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Extra 3 4 girl left Extra 3 is indicated for the treatment of fine lines, especially for perioral wrinkles, crow's feet, glabellar lines, to penetrate the surface and middle stratum of dermis redefining their appearance.
Extra 3 4 girl middle Extra 4 developed to fill deep and middle wrinkles, chin and cheeks area, jaw contour and small depressed areas. Viscosity, softness, elasticity are the main characteristics to keep a NATURAL appearance after injection.
Extra 3 4 girl right Extra 3 and Extra 4 are often involved in same the same areas
Extra 3 increases the volume of lips and defines the shape of lip contour instead Extra 4 has an volumizing effect for lips acting on the deep line and wrinkles.
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According to independent research centers in Italy and Switzerland, on a sample of 98 people, aged from 29 to 72 years, the results obtained on the duration of the treatment allows us to ensure the product's effect has a significantly longer duration than other fillers on the market.
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Thanks to the presence of LIDOCAINE 0.3%, the treatment will be safe, efficacious and painless, ensuring maximum comfort for the patient.
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As the result of their features, Extra 3 and Extra 4 guarantee four instantly visible effects.
A highly plastic and moldable product
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A perfect performance given by the high volumizing capacity
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Extreme duration given by the high crosslinking
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A wonderful moisturizing of tissues given by the penetration capacity of the hyaluronic acid "free" part.
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