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Genyal Volumae
Product volumae
for all types
of volume
Genyal Volumae is the filler with the best balance between high viscosity, elasticity and long lasting. Combined to total confort, satisfaction and reliability during filler implantation, for an excellent, natural, finished filling effect.
The excellent results achieved with Genyal Polyvalent led to the creation of a specific product that gives volume to the face while maintaining the characteristics of the Genyal range: the result is a highly cross-linked gel (also containing 23 mg/ 1 ml of hyaluronic acid) which is injected with a 27G needle to reach the desired level of filling without causing trauma to the tissues.
Genyal Volumae:
  • treats all types of superficial and medium-depth wrinkles
  • remodels the lip contours and increases lip volume
  • remodels the lip contours and increases lip volume
The duration is exceptional for a reabsorbable product: it varies between 8 and 18 months following implantation.
Spectacular effects
and exceptional duration
Product volumae flower