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XCELENS EXTREME HV® the latest and innovative product with Xcelens exclusive formula to treat the lower third of the face.
XCELENS EXTREME HV® main target is to restore and reshape face contours, including the zygomatic area and more specifically the chin and jawline projection, sculpting and shaping the pogonion furrow (angle G - Sn - Pog)
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All comparative pre-clinical tests on face plus clinical studies of XCELENS EXTREME HV®, highlighted a duration of about 18/24 months; in addition, after 3 months from the implant., 100% of the doctors and 97.7% of the interviewed patients evaluated the face volumetric increase as "perfect" or "much better"
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Content 1ML Concentration HA 25MG/ML Reticulating Agent BDDE Degree of crosslinking Needles 2 X 27G Lidocaine 0,3%
XCELENS EXTREME HV® the ultimate available choice to reshape face contours restoring any volumetric deficit, including facial LIPOATROPHY. The exceptional viscoelastic properties of XCELENS EXTREME HV® combined with the new ergonomic and glass syringe give to doctors an incredible volumizing product together with an excellent hydrogel extrusion from the syringe.
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Patient satisfaction,
comfort and durability
G PRIME [G]: rheology as the absolute judge
Rheology is the science that studies the flow and deformability of matter. G’ is a rheological parameter indicating the filler capacity to return to its ordinary shape when exposed to dynamic forces. High value of G'Prime characterizes a hard, robust and compact gel with a better response to compression (greater elasticity). For this reason, a product with a greater G ’ is most suitable for thicker skin and deeper injections. Also an excellent extrusion of the hydrogel from the syringe.
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Values and physical-chemical characteristics, highlighted in the study of main fillers available worldwide, are the result of an independent research performed by Xcelens International.
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Thanks to the presence of LIDOCAINE 0.3%, the treatment will be safe, efficacious and painless, ensuring maximum comfort for the patient.
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