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Xcelens International, a european company based in Switzerland, is pleased to present an innovative range of hyaluronic acid products, uniquely developed to guarantee medical staff, and therefore patients, total comfort, satisfaction and reliability during filler implantation and bio-stimulation treatments: GENYAL, Xcelens Extra, Peptidyal HX!

The GENYAL range is developed by an expert Swiss - Italian team of chemists, technicians, engineers and professionals operating in the field of aesthetic medicine with a view to creating more advanced and technologically avant - garde solutions year after year.
What is genyal?
The use of hyaluronic acid in aesthetic medicine has been in the public domain since at least 1996 and several companies, particularly in recent years, have introduced a multitude of products using increasingly advanced technology thus guaranteeing medical operators increasingly satisfying revitalisation and filling treatments.

Indeed, the initial problem with reabsorbable fillers was the inverse relationship between lasting effects and safety: increasing cross-linking in the product, very often increased the frequency of adverse reactions such as oedema and granulomas; conversely, decreasing cross-linking caused a drastic reduction in the duration of the implants.
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