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Is a Swiss manufacturing multinational company, focusing on developing and manufacturing of the complete range of aesthetic products, including: dermal fillers, skin boosters and threads
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Genyal Polyvalent
Genyal Volumae
Genyal Polyvalent
The filler for every solution
Continual physico-chemical studies on cross-linking have resulted in the synthesis of all the experience gained to date, resulting in the creation and development of an ingenious product that incorporates all the benefits desired by medical staff and patients, i.e. safe, natural, long-lasting and comfortable implants, in a single solution: for this reason Genyal Polyvalent®, the polyvalent filler for all types of cosmetic correction, was formulated.
Genyal Volumae
For all types of volume
Genyal Volumae® is the filler with the best balance between high viscosity, elasticity and long lasting. Combined to total confort, satisfaction and reliability during filler implantation, for an excellent, natural, finished filling effect.
Xcelens Extra 3
Xcelens Extra 4
Xcelens HV
Xcelens Extra 3
Exclusive formula with lidocaine
Extra 3 is indicated for the treatment of fine lines, especially for perioral wrinkles, crow's feet, glabellar lines, to penetrate the surface and middle stratum of dermis redefining their appearance.
Xcelens Extra 4
Exclusive formula with lidocaine
Extra 4 developed to fill deep and middle wrinkles, chin and cheeks area, jaw contour and small depressed areas. Viscosity, softness, elasticity are the main characteristics to keep a NATURAL appearance after injection.
Xcelens Extra HV
Exclusive formula with lidocaine
XCELENS EXTREME HV® the ultimate available choice to reshape face contours restoring any volumetric deficit, including facial LIPOATROPHY.
Genyal 200
Genyal 200
The body filler
Genyal© 200 is an innovative, implantable medical device, composed of hyaluronic acid and designed to noticeably re-sculpt the body. With Genyal 200, it is possible to give shape to the buttocks, calves and in general, any area of the body where an increase in adipose tissue is appropriate.
Peptidyal HX
Peptidyal 2
Genyal Genyalift
Doublyx Evo
Peptidyal HX
A new biostimulation and biorevitalization concept
The ingredients that make up this innovative medical injectable device consists of a hydrogel transparent viscoelastic, form an innovative synergy ideal for face and body treatment.
Peptidyal 2
An exclusive bio-regenerating formula
Peptidyal 2 is the result of an innovative scientific study aimed at the development of a Bio regenerating product able to actively support the physiological functional restoration of the skin, and in particular of the extra cellular matrix.
Genyal Genyalift
Bio-stimulation at the highest level
It is now indisputable that filling wrinkles and increasing the volume in the face is not the only way to obtain total rejuvenation of the face; this is why natural, non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid has an important role in combating and preventing skin aging, allowing skin elasticity and firmness to be regained.
Doublyx Evo
Extraordinary bio booster
Doublyx Evo Is a Biostimulant based on hyaluronic acid of medium molecular weight (1.2 to 1.8 x 106 Dalton), produced by bacteria Streptococcus equi, formulated at a concentration of 20 mg/ml in a physiological buffer, sterile, biodegradable and isotonic.
XLine Threads
XLine Threads
Innovated to change lives
Xline is The most developed threads with innovative techniques to achieve strong lifting with easier procedure. Xline threads offers wide range of threads developed specifically to fit for each single indication anatomy, and with different polymers.
Peptidyak C10
Peptidyal 115
Anti Yal
Peptidyak C10
Skin purifying formula
Peptidyak C10 is an innovative and complete synergic formula projected exclusively as a treatment for all types of acne.
Peptidyal 115
Bio regenerative formula
Peptidyal 115 is the result of an innovative scientific study aimed at the development of a Bio­Restructuring product able to actively support the physiological functional recovery of the skin, and in particular of the extracellular matrix.
Anti Yal
Anti-Yal 1500 contains hyaluronidase with posology: 1500 IU dry extract powder/vials to be mixed with 10mL saline solution.
Serum Face
Shine C
UltraHA Eyes
UltraHA Serum Face
Ultrasonic HA + Bio Mimicking Growth Factors Serum
In addition to ultra nano sonicated Hyaluronic Acid, this innovative face serum uses a mixture of nano encapsulated biotechnological growth factors: biomimetic nano peptides.
Shine C
Serum Ultrasonic Ha + Stabilized Vitamin C 30%
Facial serum with HA fragmented by ultrasound and Vitamin C (30%). It makes the skin very bright and smooth with an antiaging, moisturizing and antioxidant action.
UltraHA Eyes
Ultrasonic HA + Nanopeptides
This super innovative eye contour highlights the mix of ultrasonic hyaluronic acid together with specific peptides designed to induce a "Botox Like" action on the release of acetylcholine, for sensational and immediately visible results...
Boosterina® Cream
PDRN Filler Serum
Boosterina ® PDRN Anti-aging & Hydrating Cream is a sumptuous emulsion with an intensive anti-aging and moisturizing action.
Boosterina® Serum
PDRN Anti-Aging + Hydration of the skin
Boosterina® PDRN Filler Serum is an innovative serum with a light texture and rapid absorption, characterized by a pleasant skin feel.
HYALURONIC ACID - Highly advanced technology and manufacturing process permits Xcelens to gain a complete and pure Hyaluronic Acid (HA) with the parameters specially “tailored” for producing injectable hydrogel products.
Hyaluronic acid, which is used by Xcelens, can be safely called one of the most purified hyaluronic acid on the market.

Since it is stable and hypoallergenic, streptococcus bacteria is used. However, residues of protein molecules may remain in the final product, which can produce undesirable phenomena in the form of delayed-type hyperergic reactions.

Therefore, Xcelens, maintaining the image of the Swiss brand fillers, uses innovative filtration systems to create highly purified and safe hyaluronic acid of pharmacopoeial purity class.
As result it meets all european quality standards (es iso10993) and has the following qualities:
Natural correction with a high plasticity and biocompatibility, effective correction of the tissue even if dynamically active zones without hypercorrection and long lasting result. All this makes it possible for a very dense gel to pass through a 27G needle, with spectacular cosmetic effects and exceptional duration. A highly sophisticated purification procedure, all the undesired chemical components, including oxygen, are eliminated, allowing the product to reach full stability in the syringe.
About Us
Inspired by the Swiss Alps, Xcelens research and development company now became a dynamic and stable growing company oriented on research and development of the innovative, high quality and safe products on global medical aesthetic market.
Xcelens research and development – professional manufacturer and world distributor of medical and beauty industry supplies. Company has begun its history in 2004 in Geneve, Switzerland and was specialized in ophthalmology.
Since 2008, the company's headquarters are located in Chiasso, Switzerland. The main brands we produce and sell worldwide are: Genyal, Xcelens, Peptidyal.
Our mission is to discover, develop and deliver novel products which can unmet needs in aesthetic medicine. This we achive by constant improving of the production process on bio molecular level to create next generation products.
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To communicate efficiently our main mission; Knowledge Transfer, we launched XCELENS Academy in partnership with the AACME (American Association of Continuous Medical Education).

We take our responsibility towards improving doctors and nurses lives through upgrading their knowledge and expertise very seriously.

We are passionate about our vision to reflect and elevate the quality of life of the whole society.
We offer an exceptional educational experience to HCPs every where through online and offline, theoretical and practical courses and trainings in our relevant niches.
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